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Why Most Small Businesses Fail

This single post can change your business for life, so before you begin reading, ensure you decide to read to the end!

Now that you are ready, before I answer the question; Why do most businesses fail, let me give you a very shocking statistics.

The statistics of failed businesses is so alarming. The figures would send shivers down your spine as an aspiring entrepreneur gearing up to start a business, or one who is into business already, maybe a startup.

According to, 137,000 businesses give birth every day but 90% of them fail… If we do the math, 123,300 fail every day and, in the time you were reading up to here, 85 businesses were probably shutting down. Statistics further reveals that most of these businesses close within 1-3 years, and sometimes even the ones that goes past 3 years are not necessarily doing well, rather they are just enduring and struggling in the waters, waiting to drown.

What stage is your business in?

Let me show you a quick diagram depicting the phases businesses go through in their first 3 years.

What phase is your own business in, or are you still at the dream stage; you have many ideas but you are eyt to start one. 

Whichever stage you are in, this post will surely provide you the help you need.

So what is responsible for the huge failure of small businesses?

While there may be many reasons for the fast extinction of these business initiatives, some school of thought believe that many entrepreneurs are unarmed with even the littlest of information or details on business intelligence, the practices, attitudes, characters that make for business success. To this school of thought, business failure is traced primarily to incompetence..

How true is this with you?

Did you have any business orientation before starting your business?

Any practical training on business finance, human relations, marketing, sales, etc?

Most entrepreneurs just had a skill and a motivation (either the desire for financial freedom, more time, while others were motivated by either a lack of white collar job or their passion for that skill or industry that set them out.

But business is beyond all that. This really may be why many small businesses fail.

Another key reason small businesses fail is lack of funds.

A saying goes, ‘money makes more money’ 

Quite true!

Too many business ideas in the minds of men today can’t be actualized because of lack of capital. While existing businesses experience stunted growth due to lack of regular revenue. 

And the sad part is that, most entrepreneurs suck at marketing and sales, and if you can’t market your product/services, chances are that you’ll always have financial troubles in business, and your chances of closing down soon is very high.

But don’t be discouraged, I’ll offer you a proven solution in this post if you read till the end.

But, let me ask you this question..

Why did you start a business in the first place

You want to help a lot of people right?

But is that the only reason you are in business? If that is your only motivation, then you should just do whatever it is you do free of charge.

The sole aim of businesses is to make profit by serving others, and it’s really okay to desire to make money from your skill, product of service as long as you are offering value.

Let me also ask you this…

If your goal is to start a business, grow the business and make so much money to fulfil your dreams and achieve your goals in life, how is that goal fairing right now?

How is your business doing?

Are you stuck right now wondering how to move from where you are to the next point-where you want to be?

What were your business goals for the year and how well have you been able to achieve them?

*If your answer to any of these questions is one that doesn’t fill you with excitement

*If you are not crushing your business goals

*If you are presently stuck not knowing what else to do to grow your business.

Then i have an offer for you.

This offer is like going to a shopping mall and coming back with several bags filled with all kinds of things you desire.

This offer will change your life as an entrepreneur forever; it will not just help you move your business forward and crush your goals with and in time, but it will also give you a foundation with which you can launch any business in any niche at any point in life.

It’s a Transformational Business Coaching Experience…

Think of all the questions you have concerning your business, all the grey areas about how to market your product/services and how to sell more, and this coaching experience is your one-stop turning point.

What is in this for you as my client?

Completing this coaching experience will do the following for you and your business or your business idea:

1. Show you how to choose a business niche that holds the potential for profitability

2. Teach you how to brand and position your brand to do well among competition.

3. You will learn how to develop a full-proof short and long-term marketing strategy/plan. 

4. You will learn how to be a better sales person, tackle sales objections and make more conversions.

5. How to run high-converting Facebook/Instagram Ads.

6. How to deploy content marketing for your business.

7. You will learn how to build a sales funnel using Facebook messenger or email marketing.

8. You will learn how to build a landing page, also have access to free email marketing tools and kits.

That’s not all.. There are also bonuses…

9. You will have access to my BOOK CLUB during the duration of the coaching where you will have at least one book every week on business (how to scale, business financing, marketing, branding, sales, etc)

10. You will have your Instagram page reviewed by an expert to make your brand offering clear and attractive for your audience and prospects.

11. The program is designed for your business specially because you will have a one-on-one access to me, and we will review your brand, your marketing strategy, sales strategy and your operations. 

This will guarantee that you are personally guided and supported.

All these value will be delivered via online coaching calls through chats, Webinars and Phone Conversations.

Every coaching session will provide insights, tools, methodologies and there will be ACTION PLAN after every session.

Wow! There’ so much in this for you.

Are you really serious about GROWING your business in 2020?

Are you ready for the ground breaking work your business growth will require?

Then, do not miss this lifetime opportunity.

Join My League; become the latest entrepreneur in my Small Business Owner Community.

Whether it’s a founder, manager, creative director, you have decided to call yourself, you are the CEO. That business idea is yours and you have the potential to nurture it into the vision you have on your mind.

This one-on-one coaching experience will help you discover that ability that’s in you to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Now, you are asking how can I be in?

Before I tell you what to do, can you take a moment, go through all the benefits I have listed above that you’ll get from this training… It’s worth thousands of dollars, at least from where I stand.

I am a trained Digital Marketer

A Certified Consultant and Coach

I have been in business for close to 10 years and have grown my own businesses and helped a no of start-ups and small businesses find their part.

I have invested a lot of money and time into getting to this point where I can boast that I can help GROW your business. 

I have failed and have recorded some inspiring successes and I am offering you all the experience and training just so you can be among the few businesses that won’t fail.

Not just that, you can have in place systems, structure and plan that can grow your business in a few years and make your brand a household name.

The big names in your industry must have started just the way you did, you also can have a system that can achieve the same growth goal over the years.

Maybe, you are wondering, will this really change my life or my business?

Will this not be just another training that won’t deliver the goods?

I am offering you opportunity to have a FREE Consulting and Strategy session with me.

All you have to do is fill the consultation schedule form using the link below.

Act now:

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