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Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Why should I use social media for business?

Wrong question❌
This is not a question any serious business owner should be asking considering how the world has evolved over the years. Technological innovations, the internet and by extension social media has changed the face of communication all over the world.
To ask why one should use social media for business in 2020 is to be really behind with trends.
The right question ought to be how can I use social media for my business?
It is the ‘how’ question that unearths kick-ass strategies to maximize the social media space for business.
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Advertising via the internet known as DIGITAL MARKETING boasts more reach. It is also easier to use because there are tons of do it yourself applications and software out there. These software makes it possible to run adverts from anywhere in the world and to measure your results.

A little bit of statistics…
According to Internet World Stats, as of May 2020, out of about 8 billion people in the world, more than 4.6 billion use the internet. About 1, 187% growth between 2000-2020. So, nearly 60% of the world’s population is online.
While according to, there are close to 4 billion social networking sites users.
You bet, chances are that your target customers are on at least one of these social networking sites.

Consequently, all you need to reach more people on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., is a low cost android phone. More so, marketing on these platforms is affordable; individuals and small business owners can tap into this opportunity.

However, the key to using social media for business is to note that the platforms are primarily for connecting with people and building relationships which buds overtime into many other things of which business is one.

So as a business owner wanting to use social media for business, my advice is to clearly define your goal; is it to create awareness about your brand/products, position yourself as an authority, drive traffic to your website, get sales conversions?
Then, strategically and consistently create and share contents that drives your goal.
Furthermore, for a start, choose one or two social media platforms and master it. Once you start getting consistent results, you can expand to others.
And about results, most social media sites have analytics that shows you your reach, audience insight, conversion rate, etc.

As earlier mentioned, social media for business is a trend that holds tremendous opportunities for businesses. You only need to get better with the ‘how to use it’ so you get results for your business.

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