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Rejected Facebook Ads; 2 Simple Steps To Get Them Approved

Before addressing the issue of rejected ads, as an emphasis, the importance of advertising cannot be overemphasized. Your business needs traffic, i.e. needs to get in front of prospective buyers in order to make sales. Hence, the need for businesses, whether small, medium or large scale to promote their brand.

More so, at a time like this where digital marketing and more specifically social media marketing is available to all sizes of business, you want to maximize that to your benefit.

Therefore, you want to utilize Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites to promote your brand.

However, there is an issue people face when trying to run adverts on Facebook or Instagram. Too many people are oblivious of the fact that these platforms have policies and guidelines for advertisers that flouting them can either mean your ads will be rejected or after a series of repeats your ad account can be banned.

Ever placed an ad on FB/IG, only to have them rejected?

Or maybe your Ad account was blocked for whatever reason(s).

Any of these experiences can be so frustrating.
But don’t panic.
It can be resolved.

One of my clients sent me a message earlier today (and I get a lot of this kind of messages), obviously feeling frustrated that her Ads are been rejected, and we solved it, so I wanted to share the how.

Just follow these simple steps.

Usually FB sends you the reason(s) why the ad is being rejected so you can review but if you do that & still gets the same result, then DO THIS!

STEP 1-Go to

Look for the button that reads ‘Visit Business Help Centre’ at the bottom.
Click it

STEP 2-Looks for the ‘Find Answers or Contact Support’ at the bottom
You’ll see get started.
Click on it

Next page-Click on your relevant issue. In this case Ads

On the next page click ‘Ads were disapproved’

The page will show you a few reasons your ads were disapproved.

You want to look out for a button at the bottom that reads-Chat with a representative
Click on it.

That’s the button that gives you access to chat with one of their agents.
They will do a manual review of your ads and you will get them approved within some minutes.

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