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People get sacked everyday, so this post is about job security and it is the second part of a post I made a few days ago on how to land your dream job.

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Today’s post is around the theme of job security.

We live in a world where there is a huge availability of labour, in fact more than is required hence many are unemployed.

Consequently, employers feel a lot priviledged today than at anytime, because they can almost get a replacement for you in less than a minute, even for a lesser pay.

You doubt that?

Put up a post for a vacancy on FB, LinkedIn, IG, Twitter, etc and see how fast that post gets visibility and engagement.

The sad reality this confronts us with is that, our jobs are no longer secure.

Job security largely is nonexistent.

More so, it’s not just the mass availability of workers alone that threatens our jobs, the advent of several technological innovations also threatens our jobs.

As if that’s not enough, there is also the part where companies sometimes have to downsize because of economic reasons, and for everytime a company downsizes, there will always be a few I call “casualties of war”.

So how do you get to stay on your job, have job security and never be threatened by the fear of losing your job?

The key is to STAY RELEVANT….

Let me remind you how we defined relevance in the first post. Relevance we said is “having a bearing or connection with the subject issue”- Word Web Dictionary

Also in the first post I showed you that how to get the job is by showing your employers how your skills, qualifications and background can help:

1. Drive their vision and strengthen their mission
2. Increase their Profitability.

So FIRSTLY, having gotten a job by showing relevance, if you will keep your job, you must be actively delivering on those two promises.
That is how to become indispensable to an organization.

I have figured out over the years that when Companies want to downsize, the logic behind who goes and who stays is always the answer to the question, who is indispensable to the pursuit of our vision and mission and who is dispensable?

The indispensable stays…
The dispensable goes…

The indispensable, is that employee that has shown relevance, that employee that’s at the fore front of driving our vision, that employee whose contributions is largely responsible for our huge turnover.

If you can be that person, you will always have your job. If you can be that person, you will be recognised for promotion, if you can be that person, you can demand a salary increase.

SECONDLY, another way to STAY RELEVANT is to understand trends and position yourself ahead of time by acquiring relevant skills.

Let me share a personal story.

Before the pandemic became a thing in Nigeria, I had gotten a job as an executive assistant and programme coordinator in a consulting firm.

Then came the pandemic shortly after work resumed, and we had to work from home. And shortly, there was the need for a downsizing. A few people had to be laid off, but I kept my job, only that this time not as an executive assistant but as a Digital Marketer.

The pandemic had changed how business was done. The lock down had made our operations go fully online, an executive assistant was now dispensable, but a Digital Marketer was indispensable to the new economy.

But there I was ready for that shift because I had invested in Digital MarketingCertification Courses in 2019.

Honestly, I didn’t see the pandemic coming but at least I had observed that the world had become global; marketing had also taken a global landscape, with the Internet leading the revolution and I had positioned myself to BE RELEVANT in that new world.

So my second advice on staying relevant is to get relevant skills.

And don’t forget our definition of relevance. It is to get the skills that are related to the subject at hand..

What subject have we looked at?

1. How to drive your companies vision and strengthen their mission
2. How to help them become more profitable
3. Changing global trends

When every company wants to downsize, these are usually the issues that are at the fore.

Your Company executives would be asking themselves;

Who do we let go or make stay that won’t affect the pursuit of our vision?

Who do we let go or make stay that won’t affect our Profitability?

Who do we let go or make stay that would help us remain relevant now that the world has changed or is changing?

If you follow the strategy I have shown you, chances are that;

1. You will be that person that they find relevant on all grounds.

2. You will be that person that never makes the sack list.

3. You will be that much indispensable that when you say you want to move on, your employers would beg you to stay, throwing at you all manners of perks and bonuses.

Hope this two posts helps you get your dream job and never get fired.

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