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How To Boost Productivity Beyond The Pandemic

We are at the end of what feels like the longest year in history. It’s not impossible that the only thing you are thinking about is boosting your Productivity in 2021

Let’s not kid ourselves, it’s been a year. During the global lockdown, we’ve had to adopt, almost overnight, to a new way of being. For example wearing a mask is the norm…did you see that coming?!!!

Boosting productivity is currently a major discussion owing to the numerous setbacks many have experienced in 2020. Whatever the impact has been on you or your business, there are some learnings that you could use to boost your productivity and ensure a success-proof path to 2021.

Creating strategies to help navigate these times will keep you away from the busyness of being an entrepreneur (some side effects may include procrastination, over thinking, over working, under working etc.) and into a more productive, balanced, focused entrepreneur with a road map to success, ‘Corona be gonna – or not’!

1. Create workflows and systems

One big key to moving past procrastination is setting smaller goals towards the big audacious goal. Sometimes the big audacious goal is what holds us back from being productive. Why? The dream is too big, which in turn makes it overwhelming, because it simply can’t be accomplished at once. This can in turn make you stuck in the busyness of being an entrepreneur instead of working the business.

Creating workflows and systems, allow you to move through mundane tasks with speed, reliability and efficiency. The mundane becomes standardized as a result, and you in turn boost your productivity, freeing up time and energy to direct your business towards actualizing that big audacious goal.

2. Automate

In the digital age, you have no excuse not to automate as much of your business as you can. There’s an app or software for most tasks now. Whether it is email automation, social media post automations, etc., and the beauty is that most of them are free and easy to use.

3. Say No

‘If you want more freedom, more time, more energy, start saying no’ – unknown.

As an entrepreneur, FOMO (Fear of missing out) is a very real thing. You want to constantly be in places and positions that allows you to say yes, at just that right moment.

Unfortunately, what happens is that entrepreneurs are constantly saying yes to too many of the wrong things. What happens in turn is, energy and time spent away from your actual end goal. While it may be counterintuitive for an entrepreneur to say no; saying ‘No’ is actually saying yes to yourself, your big audacious goal and; will free you up to saying yes when it matters most.

4. Change the plan

Did you see the pandemic happening? Neither did most people. However, Whilst there have been predictions of future pandemics, no one pegged 2020, as the year the world would change. With more time in our hands, many entrepreneurs had to stop and reflect. Businesses have had to rethink their business models to varying degrees. Some have had to pivot their businesses entirely, perhaps making them more efficient.

If you want to boost your productivity, make sure that the plan that you were working on pre-COVID still fits into who you are and leads to the big audacious goal. If it doesn’t lead there, don’t be afraid to change it.

5. Take a break

This is a difficult one for many, myself included. Taking a break, time to rest and reflect is important for every entrepreneur. In my experience, without this, the result has been burnout to severe degrees. Constantly reminding yourself of your WHY, and pausing to reflect and assess, is an important strategy towards boosting your productivity.

Ever heard that quote about ‘entrepreneurship being a journey’. Yea, it is the true definition of a lifestyle or a journey. It takes time, and in that time there are interchangeable durations of endurance and momentum needed. Keep reminding yourself of the WHY. This is where resilience will grow, and your true light starts to shine.

Conclusively, productivity is a subject you ought to ruminate upon as an entrepreneur. And as your brand or business grows, you must constantly seek to know how best to be productive and efficient.

How to increase productivity beyond the pandemic

About the writer:
Christine Jawichre is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur who works to especially empower and advance African women entrepreneurs. She also combines her Digital Business, Events, Education and Entrepreneurship skills to create unique strategies for businesses to scale and grow.

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