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Gaining Visibility: Putting Your Brand Out There

Visibility is nothing less than being seen; gotten from the word “visible”. In this context, it also means to be known which is the definition this article will portray more. It is one thing to be seen, it is another thing to be known.

Let me give an illustration. Supposing you have been passing through a particular road for a long time, you will agree with me that you definitely see certain things and certain people on that road. But because you see those people and things doesn’t necessarily mean you know them or know what they do. In a way, they are still invisible to you.

So, visibility here is more of being known than being seen.
Have you ever been in a gathering of people you’ve never met in your life, only for you to introduce yourself with just your name and they go, “Oh, so you are Mary Abiodun. Wow!”. I experienced that at a hackathon recently. I was very surprised to know that people knew me even though they had not seen me before then. As if that wasn’t enough they could even tell something I’ve shared which helped them out.

That experience opened my eyes to the importance of visibility. Visibility is so important because no matter how phenomenal what you do is, it’s of no use if nobody sees or knows about it. Therefore, in this post, I will be sharing a few tips on how you can put yourself out there and be truly visible.

How to Gain Visibility
1. Contribute meaningfully to discussions on online platforms

Identify platforms where your audience congregate (WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) and join ongoing conversations. Don’t keep mute on the assumption that your opinion is useless or irrelevant. You can never tell; your opinion might just be the solution to the problem at hand. Mind you, your opinion doesn’t always have to be accepted but saying it goes a long way.

Learn to talk freely; do it graciously and with respect. Be reasonable with your questions, responses, contributions and suggestions on those platforms. You never know who is who on those platforms and people are watching and reading your comments or posts. You don’t want to be earmarked as someone with negative energy. That might not be too good for your reputation.

2. Use social media to gain visibility

This is similar to the first point, but slightly different. Use the social media space to your advantage. Share your experience and your journey with your friends, family and fans. If you have done something laudable, make noise about it on your social media page (s). If your content is relatable and valuable, you can trust your friends and family to share. As a result, this will give you more visibility. Also, use hashtags and optimize your social media pages for visibility. You can do this by adding certain keywords to your profile information.

3. Attend industry events, conferences and workshops

When you attend events, it will afford you the opportunity to meet and network with other people in your industry. When you attend, try and network with at least one person, even if it is just the person sitting next to you.

4. Offer to help and mentor others

This might sound strange because of the impostor syndrome. You may think or ask yourself, “What do I know to teach another?”. It’s called the impostor syndrome. But in reality, you don’t have to know so much to help or mentor others. Furthermore, you learn more when you teach others. You learn better ways of doing things or solving a problem when you help others. You will be transforming lives just by imparting the little you know. And as a reward, these people will sing your praises to others.
You also get the chance to learn from those you’re teaching because no man is an island of knowledge. There’s something they know that you possibly don’t know.

5. Always talk about what you do

The impostor syndrome can also make you think you are not experienced enough. This feeling might make you keep quiet about what you do. Even if you just started out in business or in that career, it’s okay to be truthful and let people know what you are learning. They will remember you when the time comes. You can even be remembered for a training opportunity that will boost your skills or for a job. So, let people know what you do.

This is very important because if you keep quiet no one will see or know you. You never can tell if your next job or internship is going to come that way. People have gotten jobs and great opportunities by just letting others know what they do. Always introduce yourself on your social media platforms weekly, biweekly or monthly. You should do that often because someone may not see your last post but might see the next.

Consequently, the whole idea behind visibility is letting people see and know what you do. The points mentioned above are aimed at helping you become more visible; having more people know and see what you do. So start by putting some of these tips to use; measure the results, then focus on whichever gives you more visibility.

Gaining Visibility
Mary Abiodun

Mary Abiodun is the Chief Operating Officer at Colibri Africa, a tech startup in the business of helping entrepreneurs and companies maximize their productivity. She is also the Business Lead at StrikingCVs, an arm of Empirenetics where she constantly supports and empowers career professionals. She is an alumna of the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology and she consults for startups needing her expertise in strategy development.

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