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EARN INCOME From Email Marketing

This promises to be a very short read. But it will also depend on how much your mind can engage brilliant information such as this. For me, the way I read such an article as this is that I read, take a pause when an idea hits me hard, then I continue just the same way till I’m done.

But give me max, 5 minutes. And make sure you don’t gloss over anything because I intend to hide some money somewhere in between the lines.

So you are asking, dude, what’s freaking special about Email Marketing?


Wait a minute, what if I show you at least four (4) ways you can make money just mastering this art? Would you respect me for life?

Now let me give you this statistics first of all…

The first email was sent 48 years ago, but as of the date I was writing this, of the more than 7 billion people in the world today, there are over 4billion email users, over 5.59 billion active emails, and the most intriguing stat is that over 300 billion emails are sent daily. THAT’S MASSIVE

Now, the big question… who are those sending these mails?

Just go to your inbox when you are done reading this article, you will discover that majority of these mails are been sent by multinationals, big companies across several industries; technology companies, telecommunications, recruiters, banks, schools, ecommerce stores, etc.

Go through your inbox, my guess is you will find mails from Jumia, Alibaba, MTN,  Glo, DSTV, GOTV, the list is endless. All these companies know the value of the ideas I’m about to walk you through, and not just companies embrace email marketing, even individuals, entrepreneurs like You & Me.

Research has also proven that people prefer to receive business or official dealings via mail than any other medium. And big thanks to advancements in technology; research also shows that 85% of users check their emails on a Smartphone.

Now, that’s the BIG DEAL about Email Marketing. But that’s not all.

Email marketing is a MONEY machine. Email marketing has been found to give the best ROI-Returns on Investment (it has $44 ROI for $1 spent) because of its numerous benefits, one of which is that it is absolutely cheap and affordable to run, and its best for nurturing prospects through the stages consumers go through before making purchase (you must have seen these stages in my free eBook-Online Advertising Secrets. Click this link if you haven’t read the eBook- free ebook).

It’s a long list of benefits when we talk of Email Marketing, and I’ll highlight them all in this Email Marketing Master Class.


I can hear you say, so guy how can acquiring this skill help my life? 


Let me assume that you want money just like I do, and I have been making additional income via email marketing, and I have below just four out of the ways email marketing can boost your finance.

1.      If you are an entrepreneur, your business can use this miracle to boost sales and increase your business reach and conversions.

2.    Many companies and individual businesses needs this skill, hence you can do freelancing with it working on Fiverr, Upwork and other freelance websites where you meet companies ready to outsource this role and you get paid even in foreign currency. You can also approach individual business owners, submit them your proposal, increase their business using email marketing and earn some good money as your fee.

3.    You can earn money from training others on how it works after I have shown you and you have mastered it.

4.    Affiliate marketing

Yours truly, has tasted all these four levels of additional income with this skill and I will tell you more how the four works during the Masterclass.

Not just that!

I’ll also show you the tools we use for email marketing, give you hints on free tools you can use for a start.

Wait, that’s not all.

I will show you how to build one of the important tools in email marketing;  A LANDING PAGE (where your visitors land when they engage your advert-for example, you are currently on my own landing page; you landed from my eBook or my online adverts).

Plus, I will show you how to channel your entire advertising campaign into a funnel that increases your sales conversion.

What’s a funnel? I’ll see you in class. #smiles.

Now, to the question I know you have been waiting to ask; how much will I be charging for this class?


You judge, how much do you think all of these is worth?

In these four (4) days training, I’ll be teaching you:

1. How to identify and create high converting lead magnet for any industry or marketing objective

2. How to build a funnel using simple easy-to-navigate free online resources. You’ll see how to set up your email marketing without paying a dime.

3. How to build high converting landing page.

4. Simple copywriting tricks to get superb conversions from your email list


1. You get access to free lead generation machine PDF ($7)

2. Training on how to run cost-effective Facebook ads ($15)

3. 2 additional free e-book resources on how to effectively market on social media ($20)

Now, if I charge you a million for a ‘money ritual-like skill’ that can fetch you money all your life, would you not be forever grateful?

But, I have decided to pass on this skill for something almost unbelievable but true. And this offer will be open for just 10 days, you’ve got to ACT VERY FAST. This bonus fee is just for early-birds

To be part of my email marketing master class coming up October 9th-12th, 2020, for just Five thousand naira only (5k), all you need to do is register within the next 48 hours. Early-bird offer closes October 5th, 2020. 

Registration reverts back to original price, which is Ten Thousand Naira (10k) from the 6th of October, so you don’t really want to miss this opportunity.

Payment link is below.

Once you make your payment, send me a message via text/WhatsApp (08139780144) saying ‘I just made payment’ and include your name and WhatsApp no.

P.S-This is not your random ‘get a skill’ training. This is your key to earning whatever you decide you want to earn after acquiring this skill.

You may not always have this opportunity, so don’t let it slip out of your grip. 


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