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Effective Business Slogan

Slogans; Creating an Effective Business Slogan

Firstly, what is a slogan?
A business slogan can be considered as a phrase you would want your business to be identified with. It is also called ‘motto’ or ‘tagline’. Consequently, the tagline and your business name is the first contact your prospects have with your business so you want to make it count.
Remember what they say about first impressions?
First impression they say, lasts longer, so you want to make a superb first impression with your business name and your slogan.

Therefore, the idea is not just to say anything. Rather, it is to say something meaningful and memorable.

Although ‘meaningful’ may be a relative word, because what’s meaningful to me may not be meaningful to someone else, however, the idea of a slogan is to ensure you pass a message about your business to your audience.
This could be a summary of your mission statement, your unique Selling proposition, or your brand values. The key is to make sure it’s something your customers can relate or connect emotionally with.

Your slogan is a great opportunity to position/market your unique brand identity. (Check up our article on branding/brand positioning-

Tips for Creating an Effective Slogan:

My recommendation is to make sure the phrase doesn’t exceed 6 words. Don’t use ambiguous words; use words that are simple and easy to understand.

A few examples of short and simple slogans…
Nike-Just do it

Nokia-Connecting people

MTN-everywhere you go

Making it short and simple makes your slogan memorable.

A good understanding of your customers based on your avatar would help you know which words your customers will easily relate with.

One key importance of slogans is to differentiate you from your competitors so you want to use a slogan that doesn’t sound like some other brand.
Be unique… Be original

If your business name reflects what you do then you want to ensure your slogan related with your business name.

A brand like Nike uses just do it to create a compelling brand message. But imagine your business name is Optimal-Edge Business Concepts and your slogan is ‘just do it’ the question is just do what?

Therefore, an ideal slogan in this case should explain more what you do and maybe the results your business is known to get for clients.

Finally, there may be other tips out there that helps you create a unique and memorable business slogan, but summarily, the goal is to create something powerful, something that reverberates on the minds of those who come in contact with your business name and slogan.

Do you desire to create a compelling online brand presence?
Reach out to us at Optimal-Edge Business Concepts via our conversation contacts, let’s help you create a strong brand identity, position your brand and tell your brand’s story in a compelling way.

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