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Blogging Lessons; 5 Lessons For New Bloggers

Blogging has grown from being just a hobbyist attraction to a lucrative business. As a result, a huge no of people are beginning to find it attractive, and that includes you. For me blogging began just as a hobby, but over the months I have seen my craft evolve. Hence, I have decided to share a few learnings that can help you start out as a ‘freshman’.

I started blogging during the Covid-19 lockdown. Infact, I started my entire online business around the same time. It took me just NGN 5,500 to set up my entire website (cost of domain reg and web hosting) and to set up my online business. Furthermore, I didn’t know Jack about CSS, SEO,, SEM, SERP and the several other technical jargon that I am now familiar with today.
The only thing I knew was that I wanted to finally do better with my ability to write and my interest in business writing (my niche).

However, in 9 months, I have come to know a lot (I’m yet learning), and I have also made money in different ways just writing. Of all the several lessons learnt, I think this 5 might help you start something now if Blogging is something you are interested in.

While I am not an advocate of mediocrity, I am also a strong believer that nothing starts perfect, else there will be no room for improvement. First things first, every great accomplishment began small. Hence starting small is the seed that gives birth to great things.
Start first, make a move. Having committed to the project, what happens often than not is that things will become clearer. And as one my of favourite Quote says, “Clarity comes with movement”

Forget all these cliches about ‘hard or smart work’, there is such a thing as hard-work when it comes to doing anything productive. Writing itself is work; it requires you to outlay your subject, carry out research (fact checking), then comes the actual writing, attribution, etc. SEO is another subject on its own.
My dear, the work is real. But the more you do it, the smarter you become at getting it done faster. I spend less time on an article today (including SEO) than I did when I started.
This brings me to my next point…

I have found out that investing in personal development robs off on your output and productivity. The logic is, the better you get, the better your output.
Whether it’s in your professional career or as an entrepreneur, Learning opens you to fresh ideas and of course helps you master your craft and become more effective and efficient.

I like to always say, information is only power when implemented. So while you are learning new things, practice is that link that binds everything together. It’s in practice that you make discoveries; what works and what doesn’t and how better to make things work.

So before you think about monetizing a blog or making money from your skill, get refined. Self-Discovery must be followed up with Self-Development.
When it comes to writing, the first thing I get asked by clients is ‘my portfolio’ (a link to the articles you have written). It’s how phenomenal your work is that determines whether you get writing gigs or not. You need to learn the art of producing results that compels people to choose you amongst other people bidding for the job.

There are many ways you can make money while blogging, and one of the many ways you can make money is freelance writing. Other ways range from affiliate marketing to google adsense, or paid advertising/influencer marketing. However, none of this happens the day you start or the next week.
Patience is one virtue you need to develop.

Conclusively, I have learnt a lot in 9 months. In fact, I could write a short book on the pros and cons of blogging or freelance writing. But these five (5) lessons can give you a heads-up and some light and direction as a ‘freshman’.
But if you get nothing from all I have said, don’t miss this one- START FIRST. CLARITY COMES WITH MOVEMENT

These articles provides more insight on freelancing and other ways to make money online.

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